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Hello!  Thank you for visiting Tangled Teepees LLC and considering us for your next event! We are your local Luxury Event Stylists that specialize in the popular Teepee Sleepovers and Luxury Picnics.  We are located in Lancaster, PA and serve Lancaster County and surrounding areas. Our goal is to make each event an unforgettable  experience for you and your guests while minimizing any preparation for the host!


We now also offer personalized party decor or photo backdrop stations that create a beautiful environment for you and all of your guests.   We would love to be part of your next celebration and help create lasting memories.

Our Story

It all started as fulfilling a slumber party birthday wish for my youngest daughter’s 10th birthday.  I realized how fun Teepee Sleepovers were; not just for the kids, I loved using my creative side to put it all together! My daughter’s party was a hit and after I helped a few friends throw similar parties, I was hooked.  Tangled Teepees was born!

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Hi! My name is Julie, I am the owner of Tangled Teepees and I  come from 20 years of experience in Early Childhood Education, which is helpful when planning themes or activities for younger crowds.  I've always enjoyed creating detailed themed parties for my kids’ birthdays!   I have been known to throw a party or two for the older crowd through the years as well, which helped lead me in expanding to adult celebrations, such as luxury picnics or girls' night sleepovers.   After all, we adults need to have some fun once in a while too!  With this experience, I know how much work goes into party planning and I would love to assist in making this process seamless and stress-free for you so that you can sit back and enjoy the event!

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How It Works

No matter what kind of party you’re planning, we can make it happen. We’ll handle everything: from set up to tear down, and every detail in between.

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“It was GLOW incredible Tangled Teepees!  Thank you for helping with ideas and catering the theme to Nicholas’ interests.  Setup and teardown were quick and seamless. There wasn’t much sleeping at this sleepover, but all five kiddos spent a ton of time in their individual teepees!!!

Alycia Caramanico- Nicholas’s 9th Birthday



Personalized Party Decor

Have a vision of what you would like your next celebration to look like but do not have the time to get it all together?  Or have a party to plan but do not know where to start?   Tangled Teepees party planning is here to help!  Allow us to walk through the party planning process for you!   Schedule your consult today to see if how we can help you...

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