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Teepee Sleepovers

Looking for a fun and unique way to throw a celebration without all the work?  Tangled Teepees can help make any birthday, grown-up girls’ night, or any excuse for a sleepover into a magical memory!  Another popular option for children 3 and up not quite ready for overnights, is turning a sleepover into a sleep under!  Sleep unders are trending right now: wear your pajamas to the party and do all the fun things you would normally do at a sleepover, just without the sleeping overnight!

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Teepee Pricing











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All you need to do is clear the space for your teepees before we arrive, and we take care of the rest! 

  • Delivery (within 20 miles of 17601; fee for additional travel)

  • Professional Set-Up and Styling                                          

  • Pick-up and Cleaning/Sanitizing 

  • Personalized Party Sign

  • Teepees

  • Twin Air Mattresses

  • Fitted Sheets

  • Throw Blankets

  • Décor Pillows

  • Themed Teepee Decoration

  • Garland Between Teepees

  • LED String Lights for Teepee Entrance

  • Lap trays: (Located on tray)

    • Lantern/or Theme Lights

    • Theme Decoration 

    • Complementary Eye Mask Favor

Teepee Package

SelfieStations/  Photoshoots

Our selfie station/photoshoot teepees include our extra-large lace teepees to make an ordinary photo into a magical moment frozen in time.   Can be used indoors or out.    1 large lace teepee, rug/floor blanket, 6 throw pillows, pouf, shoe basket and décor (such as lantern, flowers, garland, and mock campfire.)

Contact us to discuss customization for any event, celebration, or holiday.



PLUS PER HOUR (Min 2 hours)




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Package Add Ons

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Charcuterie Platters
Picnic Table
Treat Bags
Game Box

Book A Party!

Julie Cartin  |  Tel: 484-987-5089

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Tangled Teepees is proud to serve the Lancaster County area! All packages include delivery within 20-mile driving radius of 17601.  Each additional 10 miles $25 travel fee.

We ask for 2 week notice for party booking, however some last-minute requests can be honored.  Please inquire below.

Each teepee party includes delivery within 20 miles of 17601, set-up, and take down the next day!  All you need to do is clear the space for your teepees before we arrive, and we take care of the rest!  Each package includes teepees, twin air mattresses, fitted sheets, throw blankets, décor pillows, themed teepee decorations, garland between teepees, LED string lights for teepee entrance, lap trays, lantern/or theme lights, one theme decoration for tray, personalized party sign, and an eye mask favor for each guest.

Thanks for submitting!

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